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Buffalo Bills: Chad View Drop Down
  Quota Buffalo Bills: Chad Quota  RispondiRispondi Link diretto a questo post Postato: 25 Mar 2017 alle 6:55am
Buffalo Bills’ wide receiver Sammy Watkins has received a lot of criticism since entering the league, but Chad Ochocinco didn’t hesitate to call him elite.
It’s been quite the debate ever since 62 Leraven Clark Authentic Jersey Sammy Watkins entered the league in 2014 — is he an elite receiver or not? He was definitely scouted as an elite receiver and was drafted by the Buffalo Bills to be an elite receiver, but the question remains.
Luckily, Chad Ochocinco has all the answers.
A Buffalo Bills‘ fan reached out to Chad Ochocinco recently and suggested he come out of retirement and join the Bills. Here’s the original tweet sent out:
So, what does this have to do with Sammy Watkins? Well, Ochocinco replied:
Coming from Chad Ochocinco himself, it’s hard to disagree with him. Watkins definitely has a lot of talent and still plenty of room to grow, but has he done enough to be named elite at this part of his career?
There’s definitely a lot to look at when making that decision.
In my opinion, there are several traits that a receiver must have before being named elite. The main ones are production, consistency, durability, playmaking ability and their role in the locker room. Let’s run through each of these and see how Sammy Watkins fares in each area.
In terms of production, Sammy WatkinsBranden Oliver Womens Jersey definitely compares to some of the league’s best at the position. Let’s look at his most productive season so far in 2015. Watkins finished with 60 receptions, 1,047 yards and 9 touchdowns in just 13 games. If he had played a full season and stayed on that same pace, he could have finished with 71 catches, 1,243 yards and 11 touchdowns.
READ MORE: Buffalo Bills Making All the Right Moves So Far This Offseason
Unfortunately, one of the biggest downfalls in Watkins’ short career thus far has been his durability and injury history. Since joining the Buffalo Bills in 2014, he has been limited due to injuries to his ribs, groin, hip, hamstring, calf, ankle and most recently his foot, which kept him off the field for half of last season. It’s hard to call any player elite — at any position — when they are constantly dealing with injuries. Elite players need to be durable because they are the most relied on.
When the Buffalo Bills needed Watkins last season, he wasn’t there.
That brings us to the next topic — consistency. Obviously, it’s hard to be consistent when you’re not playing, but even when Watkins was playing he wasn’t always consistent. Let’s take the second half of the 2015 season and the 8 games he played last season for example.
In the final 9 games of 2015, Watkins was just coming off an ankle injury and completely caught fire. He would total 49 catches for 900 yards and 7 touchdowns in that span. Over that same span, he ranked fourth in the NFL in catches, third in yards and third and third in touchdowns.
He followed that up with a disappointing seasonhttp://www.officialnflapparelshop.com/nfl-jerseys-indianapolis-colts-c-1_46.html last year. Playing a total of 8 games, Watkins never found a groove at all. His best game came against the Miami Dolphins Week 16 when he finished with 7 catches for 154 yards and one touchdown. However, he would only total 21 catches, 276 yards and one touchdown the other 7 games.
As far as being healthy, Watkins hasn’t shown any kind of consistency. Even when playing, though, there’s still no real consistency being shown, which definitely hurts Watkins’ case for being elite.

There’s two traits left — leadership and playmaking ability.
Much like everything else, Sammy Watkins‘ injuries have hurt his ability to be a leader on this team. It’s very hard for anyone to lead from the sidelines, so I’ll keep this one short. In order for Watkins to be seen as a leader on this team and more specifically this offense, he’s going to need to get healthy and make a difference on the field, first.
One thing he does have going for him, though, is his playmaking ability. There’s no questioning the fact that defenses are scared to match up against Watkins. His speed, route-running ability and ability to find the ball and bring it down are unreal. He’s one of those receivers that just needs his ball thrown in his direction — he’ll do the rest.
In summary, I would say Watkins has two of the five biggest traits needed to be an elite receiver — playmaking ability and production. Unfortunately, both of those traits have been overshadowed by not being healthy and not being on the field.
With a healthy 2017 season, Sammy Watkinshttp://www.officialvikingshop.com/shop-by-players-jarius-wright-jersey-c-2_44.html can start to silence a lot of that doubt, but he just simply hasn’t done enough in the NFL yet to be viewed as an elite receiver. I definitely feel he will be one at some point, but that time hasn’t come yet.
Prove me wrong, Sammy.
What’s your take on this debate? Leave your thoughts below!
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Syracuse Football Al View Drop Down
  Quota Syracuse Football Al Quota  RispondiRispondi Link diretto a questo post Postato: 25 Mar 2017 alle 8:25am
This will be a series discussing Syracuse football players in the National Football League. Here’s one of the most successful SUCarlos Hyde Womens Jersey players in the NFL.
If you’d like to see any of the previous editions you can do so here:
Syracuse Football Alumni: Ryan Nassib
Syracuse Football Alumni: Justin Pugh
Syracuse Football Alumni: Dwight Freeney
The Syracuse football team has not had a lot to cheer for the past couple of seasons and this time of year is the down period for college football fans that have to wait two months until the Spring Game.
Let’s continue our walk down memory lane together and discuss the former Orange players who are still lacing up on Sundays.
Let me kick this off by saying Riley is one of my favorite Syracuse players of all time. Huh? What is Paul Sr saying now? Did he hit his head? Does he know that Riley was a punter? Ok, ok well let me help erase that minimum wage look off your face as I lay it out for you.
So yes Riley is a punter.
Let us get some of the statistics on theRamon Humber Womens Jersey table for you right off. Riley Dixon was selected in the seventh round by the Denver Broncos at number 228.
He was the second of three punters selected in the draft. The other two punters drafter were
Drew Kaser by the San Diego Charger at pick 179 and Lachlan Edwards by the New York J-E-T-S at pick 235.
He had the best rookie campaign of any punter in NFL history with a record 41.3 yard average net per punt and was selected by the Professional Football Writers of America All Rookie Team for 2016.
The hidden stat that defines punters is even more impressive; 31 percent of all of his punts pinned Denver’s opponents inside their own twenty yard line.
He is a home grown hero born in Central New York (Oneida, NY) and attended Christian Brothers Academy right here in Syracuse.
In the spirit of Rudy he earned a spot on the roster by walking on in 2011. In 2013 his hard work earned him a well-deserved scholarship. I won’t bore you with a pile of statistics of his punting career at Syracuse I will summarize it ashttp://www.authenticbroncosshop.com/shop-by-players-michael-schofield-jersey-c-1_29.html follows: his senior year he was a finalist for the Ray Guy award for the best punter in the nation and he holds the record for longest career punt at 75 yards! Soak that in for a moment 75 yards! Three quarters of a football field.
Finally the reasons he is my favorite are the statistics you were never associated with a punter…he had 4 unassisted tackles credited to him which for the uneducated or slow out there means he was the last line of defense to the other team scoring on a punt return.
He also was the master of the fake punt/field goal, making 4 of 4 attempts his Junior and Senior year when we ran for three first downs and a 42 yard scamper for a touchdown. Not to mention a touchdown pass on a fake field goal.
To wrap this all up Riley Dixon is one of my favorite Syracuse players of all time because he was a smart hard working studenthttp://www.authenticcowboyssale.com/shop-by-players-brandon-carr-jersey-c-2_25.html that would make whatever contribution he could to his team. In the world of today’s college athlete we could all use a few more Riley Dixon’s.
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Kenneth Byron Jones View Drop Down
  Quota Kenneth Byron Jones Quota  RispondiRispondi Link diretto a questo post Postato: 25 Mar 2017 alle 10:09am
Tom Bailer and Timothy Joyce attended their final council meeting on March 16 via teleconference for the official swearing in of Deion Sanders Authentic Jersey new city councilor Jeff Guard, and CCMC Authority board members John Harvill and Dorne Hawxhurst.
Cordova Mayor Clay Koplin, who officiated at the swearing in, thanked Bailer and Joyce for their service.
While March 15 was their last regular city council meeting, both men were present for the March 16 special meeting, to pass the resolution naming new city council members, CCMC Authority Board members, and the single school board member.
New city councilor Kenneth Jones, school board member Sheryl Glasen, and CCMC Authority Board Members Sally Bennett, April Horton, and Kristin Carpenter, who were unavailable to attend, will be sworn in when available, said Cordova City Clerk Susan Bourgeois.
The March 7 city election results were certified March 15 by the election board.
Councilor Kenneth Byron Jones was declared the winner for Cordova City Council Seat B, after a close race against RJ Kopchak.
“This morning the election board counted 52 absentee, questioned and special needs ballots,” Bourgeois said in an email to local media that included an attachment officially certifying the election.
“It is encouraging to see the number of interested and qualified applicants who ran for city council seats and the CCMC board, this election. The city council seats had two or three candidates for each seat, and from the candidates’ statements, there’s a positive outlook for Cordova and where it is headed – good reasons for involvement,” Koplin said.
“All five seats on the CCMC board were filled, which is a big deal for a town Cordova’s size. It’s sometimes hard to attract enough members forJalen Richard Authentic Jersey a brand-new board to get things started off on the right foot, and thanks to the willingness and interests of citizens, we can get off to that great start,” he said.
Koplin said he has had opportunities to work closely with City Manager Alan Lanning, and with CCMC’s administrator, Scot Mitchell.
“Both organizations have strong administrative leadership. Supportive board and council leadership, focused on improving the policies and governance of these organizations, will complement the executive leadership, and take both organizations to a great place – which is critical for the community, given the current economics,” he said.
Earlier this month Councilor Robert Beedle presented the council with an update on the harbor commission meetings.
Repairs on some finger floats are underway in the Cordova Small Boat Harbor.
“Lumber came in for the finger float repairs. There’s some finger floats on the west side in pretty bad shape. As they’re disassembling it, there’s actual talk of being able to do some of (the repairs) in the water,” Beedle said.
The commission had discussed setting a date with Lanning for the harbor commission’s strategic planning meeting, he said.
Beedle reminded the council that shipping waste oil out of Cordova came at a $30,000 price tag last year, and that the harbor commission is exploring options to mitigate that cost.
Bailer said he’d spoken with a harbor department employee about the misuse of the dumpsters around Cordova’s harbor area.

The employee had removed large cardboard boxes, particleboard shelves, and a copper and brass radiator from a harbor dumpster. These items should not be put into city dumpsters, and cannot be properly disposed of at the city bailer facility, as they will damage the machinery used to compact and bale household trash.
“We need to start taking pictures of this and post them. We need to police this. Think about the man-hours at the harbor, taking these things to the burn pile or to the dump,” Bailer said.
An ordinance that would have approved the purchase of necessary hospital equipment, and made a city walkway safer and American Disabilities Act compliant failed 6-1 on its second reading before council March 15, with Beedle, who opposed funding the sidewalk upgrades, casting the only no vote.
Beedle shared his concerns that the two dissimilar funding requests were lumped into ordinance 1151, which would have authorized the transfer of $252,466.96 from the general reserve fund to the general fund. Of that total, $117,000http://www.authenticraiderssale.com/shop-by-players-george-blanda-jersey-c-2_40.html was slated for a UPS (Universal Power Source) for the Cordova Community Medical Center, and $135,466.96 was to be sent to the State of Alaska for the city’s matching funds for the Adams Avenue sidewalk upgrades.
The city had previously received a state grant for this project in 2016, with the state providing almost a 5-to-1 match in grant funds, but the project had not been pursued due to shortfalls in the FY17 operating budget.
Council had discussed borrowing the matching funds for the project from the city’s general reserve fund this year, to complete the sidewalk upgrades.
Beedle spoke in favor of the money which would have been allocated to CCMC for the UPS system, but said he couldn’t vote yes to the Adams Avenue sidewalk upgrades, considering this year’s budget gap.
“I am in support of the UPS; the equipment is essential for the hospital’s needs. It will help the community, the hospital, the patients, there are a lot of reasons to vote for it. But, Adams Street is a want, not a need. We’re not going to lose the money. I cannot and will not support it (as it stands). It is fiscally irresponsible to keep spending money we don’t have,” Beedle said prior to the vote.
Joyce said council had previously discussed its intention of paying the money back to the reserve fund over time, as well as giving Lanning authorization to pull the plug on the Adams Avenue upgrades, if the project didn’t work out as expected.
The failed ordinance was referred to city staff, to be decided on how best the city should proceed further on the topic.
It is expected a new ordinance may be written to include only the allocation for CCMC’s UPS system, and then come back to council for a first reading and vote during the April 5 regular city council session.
A separate ordinance, authorizing the city council to transfer $860,000 from the general reserve fund to the general fund for debt services, and $16,000 from the general reserve fund to the governmental capital projects fund for the purchase of a new blood storage refrigerator for CCMC, passed unanimously on its second reading.
The final tally of the March 7 city election results released and certified on March 15, is as follows:

Cordova City Council, Seat B: Kenneth Jones, 209 votes; RJ Kopchak, 179 votes; Michael Van Schumm, 32 votes. City Council Seat C: Jeff Guard, 265 votes; Enrico Venzon, 110 votes.
Cordova School Board incumbent Sheryl Glasen, 403 votes.
Cordova Community Medical Center http://www.authenticsaintsshop.com/shop-by-players-khairi-fortt-jersey-c-1_26.html Authority Board: Kristin Carpenter, 344, three-year term; Sally Bennett, 316 votes, two-year term; April Horton, 309 votes, two-year term; Dorne Hawxhurst, 302 votes, one-year term; John Harvill, 253 votes, one-year term.
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Ex-Cowboy Jack Crawf View Drop Down
  Quota Ex-Cowboy Jack Crawf Quota  RispondiRispondi Link diretto a questo post Postato: 27 Mar 2017 alle 4:50am
A breakdown of the first week of free agency for the Atlanta Falcons:
Most significant signing: Jack Crawford. The former Dallas Cowboys defensive end wasn't a name most people had heard leadingJarvis Jones Authentic Jersey into free agency, but the Falcons signed him to a three-year, $8.8 million deal ($3 million guaranteed) while bargain shopping. Those familiar with Crawford say he's a relentless competitor and a tough guy. Those are the types of qualities coach Dan Quinn wants in a defensive lineman. Crawford played off the left edge with the Cowboys but is versatile enough to play any position along the line. The Falcons view him as a defensive end in the base defense and an interior guy in the nickel.
Most significant loss: Patrick DiMarco. The fullback position is undervalued league-wide, but DiMarco was a one-time Pro Bowl pick and a significant contributor for the Falcons. He opened holes in the running game for both Devonta Freeman and Tevin Coleman. DiMarco also showed up in the passing game with 20 catches for 162 yards Jordan Berry Authentic Jersey and three touchdowns in the previous two seasons. Sure, the Falcons can find a fullback through free agency or via the draft, but finding one who fits the system as well as DiMarco could be a challenge.
Player they should have signed: T.J. Lang. The Falcons inquired about the former Packers offensive guard, but Lang obviously was out of their price range. Lang visited Seattle before finally signing with the Detroit Lions. He would have been a nice addition to the outside-zone blocking scheme, but not for $9.5 million per year.
What’s next: The Falcons still need to see if they can lure nose tackle Dontari Poe back to town after Poe already made a visit. At the same time, the Falcons can't overspend on a guy who might not be a game-changer. Poe has other suitors, including the Jaguars, Colts and Dolphins. If Poe isn't an option, then maybe free-agent http://www.coltsshopauthentic.com/shop-by-players-75-jack-mewhort-jersey-c-1_30.html mystery Johnathan Hankins or recently released Roy Miller could be options at defensive tackle. The Falcons also need to figure out what's going on at right guard with veteran Chris Chester pondering if he wants to continue playing. Even if Chester returns, the Falcons need to find their right guard of the future, although Quinn has confidence in Ben Garland and Wes Schweitzer.
Overall grade: B-minus. As expected, the Falcons haven't made a big splash just yet, although the 340-plus pound Poe would change all that. Re-signing quarterback Matt Schaub, tight end Levine Toilolo, safety Kemal Ishmael, and linebacker LaRoy Reynolds was important in terms of depth. Then getting Andre Roberts as a potentialhttp://www.officialchargesshop.com/shop-by-players-corey-liuget-jersey-c-1_9.html return man and replacement to Eric Weems helps. But again, nothing flashy going on with the Falcons, although general manager Thomas Dimitroff said the Falcons had no major holes to fill.
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Mychal Rivera thanks View Drop Down
  Quota Mychal Rivera thanks Quota  RispondiRispondi Link diretto a questo post Postato: 29 Mar 2017 alle 4:29am
Mychal Rivera is headed to Jacksonville, whereThomas Morstead Womens Jersey he will continue his NFL career with the Jaguars in the AFC South.
Originally drafted in the sixth-round of the 2013 NFL Draft by the Oakland Raiders, the 26-year-old tight end offered his thanks to the fans who cheered for him the past four years.
Free agency has begun for Oakland Raiders. Want http://www.authenticsteelerssale.com/shop-by-players-lc-greenwood-jersey-c-2_50.html the latest signings sent straight to your inbox? – Sign up for our FREE Raiders newsletter now!
Rivera used some strong words to describe what it means to be a Raider in his Instagram post. He called it an "honor" to play for the team.
In four seasons with the Raiders, Rivera caught 146 passes for 1,413 yards and 10 touchdowns. His receiving yardage total ranks eighth most among tight ends in franchise history.
Rivera, who put up decent receiving stats at http://www.authenticsteelersshop.com/shop-by-players-jordan-berry-jersey-c-2_33.html the University of Tennessee, may have a chance to play a larger role as a pass catcher with the Jaguars in 2017.
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Adventurous offseaso View Drop Down
  Quota Adventurous offseaso Quota  RispondiRispondi Link diretto a questo post Postato: 29 Mar 2017 alle 7:57am
Kelechi Osemele is making this NFL offseason an adventurous84 Jack Doyle Womens Jersey one — to the consternation of Raiders coach Jack Del Rio.
Osemele, an All-Pro left guard, posted two exhilarating experiences this week from his trip to New Zealand.
First, Osemele put video on Twitter of him tackling a Class IV rapid. Del Rio saw the video and responded on Twitter, expressing concern forhttp://www.officialchargesshop.com/shop-by-players-dj-fluker-jersey-c-1_12.html Osemele and traveling teammates Brynden Trawick and Taiwan Jones.
Osemele wasn’t done with thrilling times, though. He also went to the Nevis Swing, which claims to be the biggest swing in the world. It stands 160 meters (524.934 feet) above the river, uses a rope 120 meters (393.701) long and has a 300-meter arc (984.252 feet).
Osemele tried — and succeeded — and http://www.officialnflapparelshop.com/nfl-jerseys-san-francisco-49ers-c-1_1394.html launching himself into a back flip as he left the platform.
No word from Del Rio about the latter venture. As long as Osemele makes it home safely, Coach will be OK.

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Sterling Moore re-si View Drop Down
  Quota Sterling Moore re-si Quota  RispondiRispondi Link diretto a questo post Postato: 29 Mar 2017 alle 9:54am
METAIRIE, La. -- While their pursuit Teddy Bridgewater Womens Jersey of New England Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler remains in limbo, the New Orleans Saints agreed Tuesday to a one-year contract with Sterling Moore, the veteran cornerback who started 12 games for them last year.
Moore's agent, Andy Simms, confirmed the deal on Twitter. Terms were not disclosed.
The 27-year-old Moore was an excellent fill-in for the Saints after signing in Week 1 last year and earning a full-time job because of injuries http://www.authentic49ersshop.com/shop-by-players-antoine-bethea-jersey-c-1_6.html at the position. Even if the Saints do wind up trading for Butler, Moore could serve a valuable role as the nickel back alongside Butler and Delvin Breaux.
Moore has played for six different teams since going undrafted in 2011, but he he has been a solid part-time starter in many of his landing spots.
The 5-foot-10, 202-pounder led the Saints in 2016 with 13 passes defensed, and he tied for the team lead with two interceptions while starting 12 games for an injury-riddled secondary.
Moore has six career interceptions and fivehttp://www.authenticbillsstore.com/shop-by-players-seantrel-henderson-jersey-c-1_47.html forced fumbles with the Saints, Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2015), Dallas Cowboys (2012-14) and Patriots (2011-2012). He also spent time in training camps with the Oakland Raiders in 2011 and Buffalo Bills in 2016.
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Joey Porter will be View Drop Down
  Quota Joey Porter will be Quota  RispondiRispondi Link diretto a questo post Postato: 30 Mar 2017 alle 3:26am
When Mel Blount turned 50, he wanted Michael Thomas Authentic Jersey to celebrate with his family, friends, and former teammates. But he also wanted to do something that would help others at the same time. So with that, the Mel Blount All-Star Celebrity Roast was born, and it continues to this day.
Each year Blount honors, and entertainingly roasts, a former Steelers player at the event, with the proceeds benefitting the Mel Blount Youth Home, and more recently the Mel Blount Youth Leadership Initiative.
This year’s honoree is Steelers’ outside linebackers coach Joey Porter. Porter will be honored at the dinner, which will be held on April 7 at theBradley Pinion Womens Jersey Westin Convention Center, for his contribution to the Steelers as a player and coach, as well as his passion to give back. Porter and his wife Christy opened three different Jasmine Nyree Day Centers in their hometown of Bakersfield, California, a place where children with special needs, from age three to high school, receive the attention, teaching, and development they need, something that came about because their daughter Jasmine is autistic.
“It’s great that we share that passion,” said Blount. “I knewhttp://www.authenticbillsstore.com/shop-by-players-preston-brown-jersey-c-1_39.html there was something about Joey. I just knew he was a good guy. I’ve always believed in him when he played and got to know him. I am happy he is doing some good things.”
Jerome Bettis, Porter’s former teammate, will be the emceehttp://www.authenticbroncosshop.com/shop-by-players-kayvon-webster-jersey-c-1_33.html and other former teammates will help roast Porter at the dinner.
Tickets are still available, and can be purchased by clicking on Mel Blount All-Star Celebrity Roast Tickets.
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2016 Player Exit Mee View Drop Down
  Quota 2016 Player Exit Mee Quota  RispondiRispondi Link diretto a questo post Postato: 30 Mar 2017 alle 5:27am
The Pittsburgh Steelers find that their 2016 season Brice Butler Authentic Jersey ended a bit prematurely, and are undergoing the exit meeting process a couple weeks sooner than they would have liked. Never the less, what must be done must be done, and we are now at the time of the year where we close the book on one season and look ahead to the next.
While we might not know all the details about what goes on between Head Coach Mike Tomlin and his players during these exit meetings, we do know how we would conduct those meetings if they were let up to us. So here are the Depot’s exit meetings for the Steelers’ roster following the 2016 season.
I’m quickly moving on to Justin Gilbert now because frankly I’m at a very real risk of simply forgetting that he was a part of the Steelers in 2016, considering Ramon Foster Authentic Jersey that he only spent about five or six months in total with the organization from the time that he was acquired via trade to the time that he was released.
The Steelers acquired Gilbert from the Browns via trade in early September just before the start of the regular season, giving up a sixth-round draft pick in the 2018 NFL Draft in order to claim him. They also took on his former first-round pick salary, which was a commitment that they were willing to take on in order to see what a player they once coveted coming out of college would look in their uniform.
As should not be surprising, the cornerback received limited playing time when considering the fact that he only became a part of the team in September. He did receive a handful of snaps against the Chiefs early in the season as he was used in a dime package to coverage their tight end.
He only received playing time on defense in http://www.authenticsteelersshop.com/shop-by-players-justin-gilbert-jersey-c-2_22.html other games once or twice after that, if I recall correctly, and with again a very limited role. When he was dealing with an injury, the team even gave his role away to Al-Hajj Shabazz.
Gilbert returned three kicks during the regular season for 69 yards, averaging 23 yards per return with a long of 32 yards. In the previous season with the Browns, he averaged over 28 yards per kick return on 12 kicks.
In all, he registered three tackles on the season, all of them coming in Week 12 or beyond, and presumably all of them serving in a special teams capacity. He was active for two of the team’s three playoff games, but did not record a statistic.
Facing the prospect of committing to another significant salary, the Steelers released Gilbert in early February. There was confusion at the time as to http://www.coltsshopauthentic.com/shop-by-players-75-jack-mewhort-jersey-c-1_30.html whether or not his salary was guaranteed, but that proved not to be the case. Gilbert currently remains unsigned and will likely stay that way until after the draft. A reunion with Pittsburgh is not impossible, but it can probably be considered unlikely at this point.
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Steelers 2017 Free A View Drop Down
  Quota Steelers 2017 Free A Quota  RispondiRispondi Link diretto a questo post Postato: 30 Mar 2017 alle 8:54am
I have made liberal use of the Eli Harold Womens Jersey phrases “fan favorite” and “everybody’s favorite player” during this series to typically refer to players that have been less than favorably greeted by the Steelers’ fan base, but one player to whom such labels would not be ironically applied is fullback Roosevelt Nix, who has legitimately been a fan favorite pretty much since training camp of 2015.
A product of Kent state as an undersized defensive lineman, Nix was originally signed as an undrafted free agent by the Falcons in 2014 to be looked at as a linebacker. Over the course of their evaluation, they tried to move him to fullback, but the transition didn’t stick any more than he did to their 53-man roster.
The Steelers signed him to a reserve contractThurman Thomas Jersey in January 2015 as a linebacker, but they switched him to fullback as well during the spring. Because Will Johnson was dealing with an injury, Nix got a lot of burn on offense and they simply kept using him, though he really made the team because of his performance on special teams.
Yet his absence on offense and on special teams was apparent during the early portions of the 2016 season while he was sidelined with a back injury. They pretty much abandoned the use of the fullback until he returned, with David Johnson getting just a couple of snaps in that role.
The Steelers turned to him more and more in the second half of the season as they turned the offense more to the running game, and that coincided with their longest winning streak since the 2004 season. Nix played a small but not insignificant role in that development. He was especially featured during a record-setting rushing day up in Buffalo.
One important point is that he continued to playhttp://www.authenticbroncosshop.com/shop-by-players-max-garcia-jersey-c-1_52.html well on special teams, in addition. He registered seven tackles despite missing a lot of games and having his duties curtailed in others while he was working his way back from the back injury.
Free Agency Outlook:
It should not be surprising that the Steelers quickly got Nix back under contract early in the offseason as an exclusive rights free agent, though this will be the last season that they have complete control over their fullback.
2017 will see the completion of Nix’s third full season in the league, which will make him a restricted free agent, and which will give him more flexibility. Not that there is much of a robust market for fullbacks, and thus probably not something to worry much about, but it is a consideration if they have to tag him.
I speculate every year about how much the role http://www.authenticcowboyssale.com/shop-by-players-chaz-green-jersey-c-2_32.html of the fullback will expand or contract from one year to the next. 2016 saw a bit of a detour because of injuries. I do wonder what a fully healthy 2017 will look like for Nix.
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