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"FIFA17" UT mode Premiership start line-up players

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    Postato: 07 Giu 2016 alle 5:59am
"FIFA 17" the UT model has a good start line-up, can help players in the early establishment of a great advantage, then what is the strongest line-up it? Take a look FIFA 17 UT mode start Recommended List player lineup, the players want to help.

In recent days XBOX ONE platform are playing pre-order the digital version of the official version, playing in ten hours, can save enough for a Premier League team to use, in the case of purchase, in the less affordable and easy to use the principle of purchase the following players feel should be the beginning of a relatively strong lineup of the bar, hit the D4, D5 should barely enough (laughter, the premise is you have to have the strength to hit D4, D5). In Minato process parameters carefully studied all the hanging wire Premiership player to share with you is in control.

Firstly, look at the lineup map it, are used to 433-2, or to vote for the opening of this formation. 433 is nothing more than a few lineup three midfield players stations issue, individuals have obsessive-compulsive disorder, have stopped feeling defensive attack has, and must have a full defensive midfielder, usually black and hard, so chose this formation primarily line-up, 14, 15 are used in numerous lineup, or to a familiar lineup to open play, after all, just getting to play the game, the game is not a non-Changshu. To build a great and unbeatable FIFA Ultimate Team, you need to collect outstanding players on each position; to get the best players, cheap fifa coins will help you much.If you want to know more FIFA 17 news, guides and tips, please keep your eyes on fifaah.com, also here are cheap FIFA Coins on sale at cheapest price. This is my striker formation is not particularly prominent, play the reason I have not a killer striker class players, then with Ibrahimovic barely reached the level of average field a ball. Focus is on two sides and two CM, four men shared a part of the task of scoring striker, both sides can be inserted behind the counter, two long-range or Zhaokong CM can plug straight in the center when connected to coordinate the next.

Striker (ST)

Well, from the beginning strikers Behold, I chose the striker winter. Weak foot, four-star double technology, large physique into account speed, dribbling also on the 74, and the advantage is that the body has the speed, archery is also more reliable, more assured header.

Left wing (LW)

Swansea Montero left the election, when watching also concerned about this Masters, head is not high, fast and technology is also very good, full impact, shooting and passing slightly to catch the chicken, but after all, speed, eat You can make up a DeadEye look! More importantly, he had four stunt, three of which are very useful, all dribbling stunts, so empty when the wing came dribbling pass or endo available.

Right winger (RW)

I chose the right side of the master monk, when the national team debut stunning, prominent shot fast, but also one of the Silver King a few years ago. Numerical with Montero look similar, but the monk belonging to an impact type and type Montero belongs dribbling, and shooting speed monk strong, and Montero is fast and flexible, but also long-range effects monk, so he can be used to counterattack when inserted into the empty sidewalk when a weapon.

Midfield (CM)

Middle three people, two CM requirements can attack and defend, long-range and play on manual transmission plug, can defend under harassment. Left CM fancy French central Cabaye, Newcastle played this year in the Masters come a big reputation in Paris, back to the Premier League chose Crystal Palace, very strong team! Belongs to the type of defense is very balanced offensive players, six data card surface is very average (of course, I hope that the average speed is not high on the perfect number), can pass into the shot can retreat to harassment, the only drawback is the speed ready to make a Hunter, of course, does not directly give him to eat, buy a Hunter Edition. As the saying goes, when you do not know what to eat, when a chemical reaction card, give him to eat Hunter now!

Right CM is still a very complete midfielder - Henderson, Gerrard mixed in with a few years later, a lot of growth, in particular, has been great progress last season, the data are all 70+.

Data, a very, very complete player, can be said to be a valid and consequently there, but not to what what a player! In the absence of the game is very familiar with the situation, I chose the sound mainly find two very balanced midfield, no bright spots but also not too much rough points, to stabilize the main bar early.
Lumbar (CDM)

I use a single defensive midfielder Kouyate, but not selected years wasteland artifact Tiote, early every year with Tiote, then had one week to sell the feeling, do not want to repeat, Kouyate advantage tall strong body, bright eyes, shame color smile, beautiful face and Costa comparable data is so Madden, called Senegal YaYa!

Left back (LB)

Two backs, I chose the Waterford wings, there is a common body speed is not bad, the defense can be. Backs have such a head and body, can be said winger nightmare, FIFA 17 fullback and winger confrontation, speed is not like before the winger could not catch up and running, the ball faster than non-transport speed more slowly, so it backs some speed enough to use, but there is such a strong body, the early pioneers artifact.

Zhongwei (CB)

Two Zhongwei, using two black and hard. Bassoon - first year in the Premier Silver defender, but the data has been down a lot, especially in the body, when the body of data can be described as the world's best. Now power down to 84, is also a champion of the trumpet, can only say that with barely a bar! After all, cheap!
The most fun in FIFA Ultimate Team is build your dream team and play your favorite football players, so you have to collect cheap fifa coins since you start the game. Then you should learn  some tips to do investmemt in FIFA 17 transfer market.
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